You're a creative spirit who cares deeply

about what is happening to our world and...

you can imagine a better way:

a new reality.  


You're willing to take a 'lil bit of time (30 minutes)

to get your own personal point-of-view out there,

while truly connecting with others who also give a hoot! 


To do just that, you're wise enough
to know that...

“To address our toughest social challenges,

we need a way that is neither war nor peace,

but collective creation."

~ Adam Kahane

In fact, you've been around the block and paid your dues in rallies and social change organizations. You've lived enough to know that real change does not come from only holding hope and wishing for a better world nor does it come from forcing our agenda on others. Lasting change follows the igniting of real dialogue and the engaging in the art of co-creating new realities together with people who may strongly disagree with you.


"Issues" can get over-simplified or complicated, our response is neither.


A. We choose a current theme which we care about.

B. We meet in a public space that speaks to the theme.

C. We start the "CO-CREATION Game" with signs to invite the public walking by to join us. 



The "NEW REALITY" Game is

simple & inviting... 


It goes like this:


  1. DRAWING THE PLAY SPACE:  A play space is clearly "drawn" on public terrain (with chalk or rope). 
  2. SETTING UP OUR THEME:  A theme question is spoken outloud and written on the front of the play space. (ie: "How the government cuts affect me and my family.")
  3. STARTING THE CREATION: One person steps into the play space and holds their body still in a frozen sculpture which speaks to how they respond to the question personally. 
  4. CO-CREATING A COLLECTIVE IMAGE: The rest of us watch and, one at a time, we step into the play space adding to the sculptures established ahead of us. We hold the image for a predetermined time (like 5-10 minutes)... allowing passerby's to take it in and join us. 
  5. CLEAR & START THE NEXT ONE:  We "release" the image, starting fresh with STEP 1 (above) with a new theme question. 


SUPPER IMPORTANTE: The passerby's get to see the question clearly so they have context for what we are "saying", along with simple instructions on how they can join us... making this a creative and public dialogue.   




So, WHY would you get up,

leave your comfort zone,

& choose to "CO-CREATE" with us?


I don't know about you, but what

drives me are the following desires... 


I get to express my truth in the

most immediate & honest way.

I get to be creative and in my body!

I get to be free - with no boss or director telling me how! 


I get to connect with old friends

and make new ones!


I get to do it in PUBLIC !

and... It's FREE

(no money exchanged)!


Wondering... About my story and why I'm creatively on fire?

I'm David Jurasek (call me DJ), a tax paying resident of Toronto (Canada) and a concerned citizen of the world. I am a creative being, with a tonne of inspiring and brilliant friends, which you may be or one day become. I also care deeply about the rights and needs of all human beings, as well as the planet we live on.

I don't know about you, but I can no longer stand by and watch as enabled minority interests abuse their power and our resources to cause the most vulnerable in our society harm -- without justice, accountability, and often in our collective name. Whether, it's spending cuts to health care, education, low income housing, elder support, or more tax breaks and laws to protect the elite rich and the irresponsible corporations who abuse their power and privilege -- I have had ENOUGH!   

I am filled with creative fury and a desire to ignite constructive, collective, & creative action that cuts through popular deceits and re-establishes a level playing ground on which we meet, dialogue, and co-create a new reality with you!

                 READY TO GO ?


                   FINALLY, the DETAILS!


We are about to post that in the next few weeks here,

but if you don't want to forget and miss out

 click here

or on the Meetup group log below:

PLAYBACK THEATRE - The Art of Truly Connecting

  You will get warmly reminded and stay up to date if you choose to join this group.




We'll be reflecting -- creatively with strangers and friends alike through our CO-CREATE game -- on the following 2 questions: 

More details... T.B.A.... (to be announced)  




More details... T.B.A.... (to be announced)  




More details... T.B.A.... (to be announced) 


Just yourself, ready to make art together with strangers and friends alike, in a public space