The Inspired


Handbook (2009)

  A practical and inspiring handbook for beginners and advanced Playback Theatre practitioners alike. This simple primer was designed to keep track of best practices I have noticed over my 10 years in the world of Playback, as well as, to offer colleagues simple and effective ways to teach beginners and develop an integrative rehearsal process.


     Full of essential questions, pointers, and step-by-step break downs for teaching new and old forms. Also, includes a growing list of "Games for Learning and Rehearsing", notes on Roles & Rituals, and a handy Reference page.


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New Genres, Media, and Audiences (2012)




Learn about how art & popular expression can become real world research! 

* With chapter written by David Jan Jurasek entitled Learn Dis!: A Community Does Research on Itself Through Playback Theatre


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GUIDE ME: Solo Dramatic Research Into Becoming a Therapist (2009)


This is the journey of a young man becoming a therapist: picking himself up from the dark hole of anxiety and depression to discover what it really means to be both a powerful client and an effective and humble therapist/guide.

David's exploration climaxed in a Self-Revelatory Performance, documented here in script form. Qualitative feedback was also gathered from an audience of professional peers and is revealed in synthesized form. This book is a document of unique academic and arts-based research. It is also an inspiring testament of the incredibly creative and life changing journey it can take to become a therapist who is able to fully serve others.


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