CORE Training

training for only 3-6 hours a month
with greater focus and support
to gain...
1. Real competence in the art of truly connecting through Playback Theatre.
2. Solid confidence deep within your core.

 3. A growing sense of mastery in one of your developing skill sets. 


What freedom you would have to shine more brightly in front of others? 


What ease, power, & grace would you have to speak with and lead with?


a more grounded and powerful way you could connect with everyone important in your life... 



Is this for you?

The answer is likely YES, if you are either...


An actor, dancer or performer who needs to be emotionally honest on stage, generous with fellow players, and always improving your art.

How much further you could fly with deeper trust in your instincts and the support of a committed community behind you? 



A musician who gets a kick out of improvising, bringing emotional depth to what is happening, and being a part of a very diverse and dynamic team.

How much better could you get from the consistent and tight knit core group practice? 


NOT professionally trained… but you care about people, are ready to get down to learning the art of truly connecting, and bringing all your empathic and sensitive powers to it!

How much deeper could your skills go if you also develop your creativity and to learn a form of improv. that is simple to grasp right away while being deep enough to satisfy you for a lifetime.



Why monthly labs are not enough to get there?

Learning labs are great and serve their purpose (to foster a vibrant Playback community and a collaborative learning space) YET, because of their openly framed, less frequent, one-off, and introductory nature, they fail to help you go further because they are just not able to provide in 7 core areas: 
  • Not OFTEN enough to have a continuity in your development. 
  • Enough TIME needed to go deeper into your questions and concerns nor to hone those skills.
  • Not enough CONSISTENCY from core members to get to lean into another to build deeper trust and artistic rapport together.
  • Not enough REVIEW of all of the essential Playback FORMS you need to know to perform well -- making you feel rusty whenever it comes time to be on!
  • Not focused enough on YOUR INDIVIDUAL learning objectives and needs.
  • Not enough space to access your unique visions and INVENT new performance structures.
  • MISSING the KEY ingredient (see below) to help you go from good to GREAT. 

3 Steps to Competence,

Confidence, & Mastery

through Playback Theatre


1. You study, learn, and practice Playback Theatre form and ritual inside and out --- the simplest, fastest, and most complete way of understanding and practicing the art of truly connecting that I have ever known.                      

2. You are tested to embody your growing confidence by performing on stage and co-leading the labs with me. This will take you farther than any rehearsal or workshop experience ever could.

3. You learn and practice the KEY to Mastery to accelerate your learning and deepen your confidence. Such a potent key for personal mastery will plant a seed in your life that will grow outside of the training space and likely become a very positive habit for you. 


What's this "key" to getting much better & faster?

You could spend hours and hours in repetitive practice. You could dip your toes in and out for years and be chugging along, getting somewhat better or OK. I know what that is like -- nothing wrong with it -- and I know wonderful folks who've been practicing their forms for 20 years and are still not really getting great at it.

For someone like myself, who thrives on the process of growth and attaining mastery in specific areas, I used to find that sad, until I stopped assuming that some of us were just incapable of surpassing certain limits and I starting asking instead, "Why is that?" The quote below is the clearest answer based on the evidence of several performance fields and my own experience in teaching for the last 10 years.  


"Without feedback from your audience or your (fellow) performers, you're going to be working in a vacuum."
- Peter Maxwell Davies
This simple truth applies to every skill under the sun, and yet I have seen too many "professionals" hit a ceiling of basic competence (or even worse - passing incompetence) because of a refusal to take in rich and much needed feedback. The greatest athletes, performers, and leaders who have continued to evolve from year to year, know -- without any trace of pride or arrogance -- that... 
"Feedback is the breakfast of champions."
- Ken Blanchard

To harness the power of feedback in your learning, you will need to have the sense of safety and trust to open up to it, the humility and confidence to really listen, and the courage and wisdom to receive it and apply it.
Along with your grace in asking for and taking it, the way in which we give quality feedback and the environment in which it is fostered are also delicate and crucial to your success.

In the Core Confidence Training, you will only be getting feedback that: 
  • You accept getting. You may pass on feedback, make requests, or get it from certain people only. 
  • You will learn to give yourself very specific, honest, and affirming feedback that drives you to take creative risks that you are ready for. 
  • The feedback frame is based on scientific formula to allow your nervous system's optimal ability to take in new info, re-organize and thrive. 
  • All feedback that you ask for and receive from others, will be in a confidential space between other core members who are committed to the 6 month term. 

 What will it be like?
If you join
    this is what you'll get...


Building on the 3 Essential Ingredients of the I.P.T., already proven to work for us over the years:

1.  A group of people who care not only because of mutual learning and growth but just because that’s what they do… care about each other. This care creates an enormous sense of trust for us to take risks and be true to our selves as performers and human beings. 
2.  Skills you can break down and teach:  We start by testing you at the beginner-intermediate levels and work up to the sophistication of becoming ever more masterful in at least one core area you wish to grow in.
3.  An environment that has optimal learning flow: a fine balance between challenging new stuff that is fun while also being what you are ready for and can do. I promise not to sell you short nor push you too hard!




11 more ingredients

to ensure you really get the most

learning and growth possible:


For 6 months, on the last Tuesday of the month, you will train intensively for 3 hours. Every second month you rehearse and perform live for a supportive community within the tight and committed core training group.




Every second month, you will have a chance to be on stage, or to sit in the audience, to watch and tell a story. * With a free ticket to give to a friend!  





Regular practice and review of all major forms of Playback Theatre needed to get you confident and ready to perform any form at the drop of a hat.




Be bold and creative -- invent & discover new playback forms with us before they are ever shown at a Learning Lab or in a performance. 




A small group (12 players max.) to support you with your intention and goal for the class and the month. Basic competency, confidentiality, and full commitment to the training will be expected.




Outside of the quality time we may spend while being or becoming friends, I will give you laser sharp one-on-one guidance to help you noticeably improve every month. I will be your dedicated coach, tough loving director, and biggest fan!


7. Have the MAP YOU NEED:

A printed copy of the latest version of

"The Inspired Playback handbook"

to give you exact and concrete steps for every major Playback form and transition.





A printed copy of "Inspiring Playback Mastery" with added monthly handouts to personally track your progress and hone your skills over time.




9. Get "THE KEY" to becoming GREAT:

Quality Feedback (the honest, constructive, and precise kind) from 3 different sources, every time we meet to help you get better and better.


10. FREE ENTRY and MORE SUPPORT  for YOU in our monthly LABS*: 

Whether you step in to co-lead, teach, conduct, or to play, you will have the focus and preparation from the Core Training Eve and Community Performances to take the experience much further with the group and for your own skill development. Plus, Lab ENTRY is covered in your Core Training cost if you signed up for the COMPLETE Package (see below).  

A local 'n organic meal hosted by yours truly & a PLAYBACK Movie night:

It can't get any better than dining on fine cuisine made with much artistry and love, in my fine home, while also watching a movie of the founders of Playback giving their best secrets away.

* Only for members who sign up for the Complete Core Training (see below).


 * * * CRUCIAL NOTE * * *

I am guaranteeing your experience (see the bottom of the page) for the first month, so that if you don't get what I promise you, you get every penny of your money back.

* * * * * *   


Ready for the

Nitty Gritty DETAILS? 



...................The PERFECT WHERE....................


All trainings, labs & performances at

"The Inner Garden"

Suite 384 - 401 Richmond, corner of Spadina.


* Except for one Learning Lab at the  Dovercourt House             on NOV. 13th, 2011


........................The Breakdown.........................


                 MODULE #1: Competence


            3 - 6 pm     Sunday, OCT 30th, 2011            

3 - 6 pm     Sunday, NOV 27th, 2011
3-6pm   Sunday, NOV. 13 (LAB) 
Only event not at the Inner Garden but instead at
the spacious and bright Dovercourt House

  6:30 - 9:30 pm  Sunday, DEC 11, 2011


Cost: $ $150


 MODULE #2: Confidence



3 - 6 pm     Sunday, JAN 29th, 2012

3-6pm   Sunday, JAN. 8th (LAB) 


  6:30 - 9:30 pm  Sunday, FEB 12, 2012 


Cost: $ $120


 MODULE #3: Mastery



3 - 6 pm     Sunday, FEB 26th, 2012

         3 - 6 pm     Sunday, MAR 25th, 2012

3-6pm   Sunday, MARCH 11th (LAB) 


  6:30 - 9:30 pm  Sunday, APRIL 22, 2012   


Cost: $150






All of the above


  • 5 intensive 3 hour CORE TRAININGS                       ($300)
  • 3 Rehearsals & shows: to perform in                                   or watch & tell.                                                           ($120)
  • Quality Feedback every month from 3 sources.    (priceless)

  • "The Inspired Playback Handbook"                             ($25)
  • The "Inspiring Mastery" workbook                               ($25)
  • One-on-one laser-sharp guidance for                                 15 mins every month                                                  ($175)

Your fee waved to any Learning Labs
during the time frame of your module.  ($60-75)
  • A Feast of Reflections: a home cooked organic, local meal to celebrate you and watch some Playback masters at work. 

        Money VALUE................................. $700+

Full Payment Option 


made in one payment


Installment Option

3  payments of $120


12 11 10...
9 spaces left
And to make sure you get your value...
With the first 30 days of your training, you have the following... 


Click here to contact me

with any questions or concerns

I am here to support you in getting to a place of mastery with Playback.

My Warmest Regards,  

David Jan Jurasek,  Director of Inspired Playback Theatre Co.