Discover Your GIFT

"Want to know what makes
you utterly unique?"
Hey there, creative and soulful being,   

You know that trying to please others -- without staying true to yourself -- is a recipe for resentment and unhappiness. Without being crystal clear on who you are and what exactly you have to offer -- no matter how good your intentions may be -- you will continue to look outwards, perpetually seeking, feeling hungry for authentic connection and long term partnerships.


If, you DO NOT want to waste even a second longer acting the way you are supposed to, following someone else's rules or living someone else's life...


This powerful experience will help you FIND out for yourself
 the precise answers to these
3 Crucial Questions...
What unique quality you have that makes you stand out and be irresistible to the right kinda people who are yearning for your special mojo?




# 2
Why you are here and what exactly you are meant to do with each and every moment and every person you meet? 



 # 3

How to stay true to your gift and your destiny -- in any relationship or interaction?



How we'll do that...? a live experiential event only for real people who are ready to know the truth about themselves...


Our 3 Steps to Discovering

(and OWNING)

Your Greatest GIFT 


1.  DISCOVER through dialogue what exactly is your own unique and irresistible GIFT.

2.  SHARE a moment from your own life when you were living in alignment with your gift. 

3.  WATCH a powerful reflection of real stories turned into live theatre, right before your eyes!


  What people are saying about

Inspired PLAYBACK Theatre...


"Scintillating! Thought-provoking... Set me on fire!"      
~ Ellen N.   

"Like watching ten people stand on the edge of a cliff -- exciting and scary. You don't know what to expect. Then they jump -- then they soar. It's exhilarating to watch -- the courage, the risk, the art. Wow! BRAVO! Kudo! I'm still thinking about your show hours later"                   
~ Ann T.

"I was amazed by David’s ability to zero in on the themes, get people involved at their comfort level, and keep things rolling for 2 solid hours. And the skills of the actors and actresses were great. Congrats David to you and the players for a fun and important evening and to all those who shared their stories."                       
~ Mike Faye, Executive Director, INTEGRA


WHY take this inner journey with our Inspired Playback Team?
1. We like to go deep in a fun way!
2. We're an existing community of soulful, compassionate, and powerful people.
3. Our practice is nothing short of magic -- personally and artistically! 


Sometimes, honouring our gift demands courage to stand apart from the crowd and stay true to it's yearning to grow and be shared. For example, if a sense of fairness and justice was your gift, you would face a conflict whether to speak out and confront discrimination and injustivce around you or to avoid conflict and being singled out yourself.

However, what can makes you feel different from others, unique and alone to yourself, when you own it, can also become your greatest strength. 


Ready to find out what is 

Your Greatest Gift? 



........The PERFECT WHERE.........


"The Inner Garden"


Suite 384 - 401 Richmond,

corner of Spadina.



....................The DATE.....................


7:30pm - mingling and refreshments

8pm - 10 pm --> the INTERACTIVE SHOW 

Friday, OCTOBER. 7th 



..........Co-Produced with...........


Where friends meet!

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What is it WORTH...?


How could this make everything you do and everyone you are with so much more aligned with your deepest desires and natural ways of being?
Countless hours, days, months, and maybe years, trying to be someone you are not!!
How much LESS EFFORT will this take?  
Most everyone is pleasantly surprised by how simply and naturally the truth emerges from within them when they find themselves in honest and supportive company. Consider how much effort you could be expending trying to learn about someone else's gifts and in trying to use their unique strategies? 

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$15  At the door (for walk-ins)



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This resource is being designed to help you prepare for the journey with 4-5 different ways to discover your own unique qualities -- the ones that are hidden yet very powerful in you and which the world desperately needs.

This surprise free gift will help you to continue this process before and after the experience we will share together.

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I am committed to supporting you in finding and sharing your GIFT with the world.


My Warmest Regards,  


David Jan Jurasek, 

Director of Inspired Playback Theatre Co.