The Heart-Powered Handbook


Dear Sensitive and Creative People,


Are you finding yourself...


Thinking too much and getting nowhere?

Can't seem to make a clear decision?

Pushing too hard or wanting to give up?


Go beyond the power of

your mind, your gut, or your willpower...

by getting your own FREE copy of the...


This complimentary Handbook will help you to...
Get 4 powerful results...

# 1.   Get crystal clear - on your immediate life situation. 

# 2.   Make the best decisions - in the most complex of situations. 

# 3.   Take the right action - that will make the most meaningful impact. 

# 4.   Feel deeply satisfied - no matter what is happening to you.


By teaching you...

1. The Instant Heart Test: which will help you to understand when and why you are feeling stuck, ineffective, and unsatisfied. 
2. The 5 Powers of a Well Nourished Heart: revealing to you of the critical place your heart has in relation to your mind, your gut, and your power center. 
3. The "Heartfulness Practice" ~ a 3 step meditation practice that leads to increased clarity, better decision making, liberating stuck emotions, & deeper satisfaction.


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