Is Inspired Playback is the right kind of event for your community? 


            If so, then we would love to put our heart & soul 

           into giving you a powerful experience your agency

           or group will not soon forget.

What People are Saying...

 "Scintillating! Thought-provoking... Set me on fire!"      

~ Ellen N.   

"Like watching ten people stand on the edge of a cliff -- exciting and scary. You don't know what to expect. Then they jump -- then they soar. It's exhilarating to watch -- the courage, the risk, the art. Wow! BRAVO! Kudo! I'm still thinking about your show hours later"

~ Ann T.


"I was amazed by David’s ability to zero in on the themes, get people involved at their comfort level, and keep things rolling for 2 solid hours. And the skills of the actors and actresses were great. Congrats David to you and the players for a fun and important evening and to all those who shared their stories."                       

~ Mike Faye, Executive Director, INTEGRA



We have experience performing for:

- Senior centres
- Elementary and High Schools
- Hospitals
- Professional Theatres
- Conferences, &
- Clinical settings

We offer you:
- A powerful and illuminating artistic frame,
- A way to make collective sense out of complex real life issues and events,
- The experience of deep and meaningful dialogue, &
- Recognition and understanding of what may be otherwise left unsaid.



We charge $ 750 - 2,500* Per performance

The fee includes services and materials for 1-2 meeting, 2 rehearsals, and a full troupe with musician at the 90 minute long performance.

* with a sliding scale reduction for grass roots and non-profit organizations.