Why come to our LEARNING LAB?

  1. Be seen and heard on a deep level.
  2. Awaken your creative mind, that sensitive heart and get into your body.
  3. Create meaningful connections with other creative helpers & caring performers.
  4. Have a tonne of fun just playing!
  5. Learn to reflect back people's experience in a way that leaves them feeling deeply affirmed. 
  6. Get core skills in Playback Theatre to take back to your professional realm.
  7. Become a part of our incredible community.


What people have

been saying for



 "I am truly thankful for the experience. I hope many people can experience it and have strong reflections and revelations." - Eve-Marie

"I felt the wonderment that comes with realizing I am a creative being," - Nisha Sajnani

   ''In just a few minutes, I felt part of a community. I love to see people trying out new stuff. It motivates me to do the same." - George

"You were able to create a climate of safety -- even for a middle-aged suburbanite woman." - Maureen


        What we will do together

 1. Warm up your imagination and senses!

We start by warming up our bodies and awakening our senses. Playing creative games, we light up our imaginations and quicken our intellects. How else could we connect to one another, if we are not connected to ourselves first?


2. Share stories & have them played back!

If you feel safe enough and ready, you may share a true story about yourself.  Now, before you get all hysterical or freeze up as you consider our most common fear - public speaking - imagine instead... being around creative helpers and caring artists like yourself also sharing their own stories - whether they be sad or uplifting, funny or poignant, fluffy or deep.  The result is often a tangible feeling of being seen truly and feeling heard deeply. Such a profound and total reflection of our experiences is very affirming. 

3. Learn the art of Playback Theatre

At the same time, we learn and practice together the art of listening and spontaneously playing back our experiences through Playback Theatre.

We often focus in on one technical form and/or an deeper aspect of the process in order to develop our artistic and helping skills.

Please Note: The most common fear -- before trying -- is that of screwing up or not playing back a moment as truly as one intends. The most common result -- after diving in and getting feedback from the group -- is one of exhilaration and pride at how natural it is to be up and acting along with a tangible sense of honour and gratitude for being trusted with a teller's story.

If you are worried for any reason and wish to see what guarantee we can offer you to take the risk to come once, CLICK HERE. 


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 PLAYBACK THEATRE - The Art of Truly Connecting
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Wondering much it costs?

For the INTRO LAB (3 - 4:15pm) = $10

For the DEEPER LAB* (4:30 - 6pm**) = $15

For Both = $20 

* The deeper lab is open to all members, new and seasoned, while more experienced members take over the acting and conducting, newer members are invited to share stories, observe the advanced work, and watch the magic unfold. 

** Only seasoned members may skip the INTRO LAB and come to the DEEPER one.

 Still, sitting on the fence?



 Need someone to talk to?


I want you to make the right decision for you and really enjoy the opportunity we are offering you, so if you have any questions or concerns - really,

Click here to contact me.

My Warmest Regards,  

David Jan Jurasek,