Need to really see it to get a handle of how it works?
Here is what one show looked like...
   Follow the story below... 
    An audience of diverse ages and background
arrives in good faith and are greeted!


       The Playback team introduces themselves creatively.


As audience members are invited to get to know one another.

  Most can relate to each other's common humanity   
 and some will offer to share their own experiences.

  Soon, their real life moments are being
    played back!      

Simply through the magic of music...

       ...movement and drama,
       real moments come to life!


        Eventually, the audience is invited to share longer stories...


It often takes great courage & trust
to share from one's own life.


   The telling can be both revealing and very funny.

Meanwhile, the actors are on their toes
listening attentively...

    And ready to be cast in a role that they will bring to life.

At last, the play is launched with the famous words,

"Let's watch!"


And then we see the drama unfold...


 Giving life to what was spoken...

And revealing something new.

The outcome is often surprising and very satisfying.


We invite you to come and join us
next time!

* Photos were taken by Julia Gotz. Thank you Julia!!
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