Ready to share your skills
and vision with us?


* BEFORE YOU READ ON, please now that our belief is as follows: No matter our level of skill at Playback Theatre, we recognize that all of us have a wealth of experience, complimentary skills, and our own innate qualities to offer to the pot. In this way, we are all teachers to one another - whenever we gather together to share and play.   

     The Art of Formally Teaching


Formally Teaching within our community is the act of explicitly and actively leading the group process. It demands formal knowledge and skill of Playback Theatre, as well as, adequate facilitator and teaching skills. Without any monetary exchange (but a free pass for you and a friend) it is a more extensive way in which we give back to one another and the community as a whole. It is also a stage in the process of mastering the art of Inspired Playback and demonstrating your skills to everyone present.


To begin Formally Teaching withing our Learning Labs, we need to know that you are both ready and feeling supported. We also wish to ensure that you provide an experience that is both powerful and aligned with our vision, while learning from doing so, so as to become ever more skilled. To get started with clarity and structure, we ask that you follow the following progressive process: 




Formally Teaching at I.P.T.


     1. Attend 5 or more Learning Labs.


     2. Read and study the Inspired Playback Handbook.


     3. Teach a Warm-up by:

          a) consulting with a leader in the community. 

          b) teach an approved warm-up.

          c) seek and get feedback.


     4. Teach a Playback Form by:

         a) consulting with a leader in the community.

         b) develop a plan for teaching a form.

         c) teach the form

         d) seek and get feedback.


     5. Teach a Learning Lab by:

         a) consulting with a leader in the community.

         b) develop a plan for teaching the entire Lab.

         c) teach the Lab.

         d) seek and get feedback.