About our shows...

~ Boy in the audience.

 "Scintillating! Thought-provoking... Set me on fire!"      
~ Ellen N.   

"Like watching ten people stand on the edge of a cliff -- exciting and scary. You don't know what to expect. Then they jump -- then they soar. It's exhilarating to watch -- the courage, the risk, the art. Wow! BRAVO! Kudo! I'm still thinking about your show hours later"                   
~ Ann T.

"I was amazed by David’s ability to zero in on the themes, get people involved at their comfort level, and keep things rolling for 2 solid hours. And the skills of the actors and actresses were great. Congrats David to you and the players for a fun and important evening and to all those who shared their stories."                       
~ Mike Faye, Executive Director, INTEGRA

“I just wanted to let you all know that this event was absolutely fabulous!... completely helpful, therapeutic, and really creative and energizing.”                                             
~ Ellen S.

       About our LEARNING LABS . . .

 "The workshop opened me up to new dimensions of my wholeness. I feel closer to my Being. Very Inspiring!"

"I am truly thankful for the experience. I hope many people can experience it and have strong reflections and revelations.
~ Eve-Marie

"I felt the wonderment that comes with realizing I am a creative being." 
Nisha Sajnani

''In just a few minutes, I felt part of a community. I love to see people trying out new stuff. It motivates me to do the same.''
~ Anonymous         

"Wild experience of 3 hours! Energizing! Spicy!"  
~ Anonymous.

"Great job guys. Loved the fluid sculptures and enjoyed sharing my funky feelings." - Joy

"From the beginning you helped create a safe environment and the exercises evolved well.''
~ Beatriz

"David-Jan & Chu-Lynne were able to create a climate of safety -- even for a middle-aged suburbanite woman.'' 
~ Maureen