Why we HEART PLAYBACK Theatre, so much?

PLAYBACK THEATRE is not what you may expect. Most people don't even know it exists!

It may at first make you sweat to consider some kind of public event, where you can come and tell a true story... about yourself! And then, the actors play it back! It may be hard to imagine how powerful and life changing that could be, when we may fear being misunderstood or even humiliated. 

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Have you ever experienced such an event in your life where you felt truly seen and heard? Where your life was turned into living art, right before your eyes... while everyone around you watched with compassion and gratitude?

The actual experience of Playback Theatre is neither scary or new. We only speak our truth when we feel safe enough and ready to do so. And this art of playing it back is as ancient as drama itself.

Once people come to smell and taste it's strange yet familiar fruits, they often come to learn it and end up sticking around to help build our growing community. 



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