We are a collective of professional Playback Theatre practitioners,
many of whom are also:

*  Creative Arts Therapists
*  Artists
*  Musicians
*  Teachers, &
*  Community activists

            WHAT IS OUR MISSION?

As an artistic company serving the greater community, we put into action
the following values:

- Respect for human rights and the environment,

- Inclusion available to all, including the less priviledged or marginalized,

- Un
derstanding and compassion towards those with different origins, beliefs & ways of being.

We collaborate only on the themes and events which allign with our values, inspire us personally and which we profoundly care about, such as:

- Human rights,
- GLBT issues,
- Environmental stewardship,
- Elder issues,
- Youth nurturance, and
- Peace building.

We work with those organizations whose practices we support & who are also aligned with such values.

Long before the curtain rises, we are personally invested, critically engaged, and passionately prepared for the performances we co-create with our audience members.