Is Inspired Playback for you?

 This may be the perfect place for you to learn, share, play, and grow.

But, how the hoot do we know?

We can't be certain, because you certainly know what's best for you.

At the same time, if you are one of the following three kinds of people,
chances are high you will not only love Playback Theatre but also wish to join us in practicing it in Toronto, Canada. 

                                  Are you...?



An Inspired Helper

You're some kind of a teacher, counselor, coach, or facilitator

who wants to have more fun, get creative, and learn to truly connect with your clients or students.


A Passionate Artist

You're a dancer, actor, musician, performance or visual artist 

who wants to become more spontaneous, attuned to your audience, and make a difference socially.


A Community Change Agent

You're an activist, leader, or community organizer

who wants to deepen their skill at inspiring and positively influencing groups while empowering them. 



Whichever of the three kinds you are, you may also be craving to belong to a real community – of equally dedicated and passionate folks like you – who strive to be both genuine in what they express as well as compassionate in how they reflect to one another.



                   So, what if you are?


Well, then... you may just be a Playback maestro in the making!


May as well stick around and see what we're talking about when we say PLAYBACK THEATRE. That page is waiting for you right here.


And if you already know that, why not go further by clicking here to see how we learn this magical science and art.